This section contains materials relating to the history and development of maritime law (except case law) which are not available or not easily available in high quality digitised full text format. The OCR data made from images of the originals have been carefully corrected so they are of practical benefit to users. The full text versions contain additions made by Maritime Law Digital which are designed to enhance the original. No alterations are made to the substance of the original, and all additions are in a different colour and font. See Editing Protocol for further details.

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Maritime Law Bibliography  html   pdf
This is a Maritime Law Bibliography of works on Maritime Law and Admiralty Law for the nineteenth century and earlier, including general texts containing material related to maritime law, and texts on Roman law containing material on those parts of the Digest and Code of Justinian which influenced the development of admiralty and maritime law.

Story, Literature of the Maritime Law  html  pdf
This article was written by the well known American judge and jurist, Joseph Story (1779-1845). He was an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court from 1811 until 1845. He made a huge contribution to the development of admiralty and maritime law in the early years of the United States. The article was published originally in the North American Review 1818 (vol 7, p 323); it later appeared as a chapter in Miscellaneous Writings of Joseph Story, 1835; revised edition 1852. The chapter is extracted from the 1852 edition pp 93-121. This is an excellent guide to the writing on maritime law of the eighteenth century and earlier.

Pritchard’s Admiralty Digest, Preface to the First Edition, 1847   html
The preface to the famous Digest of shipping and admiralty cases is included on this website in full text format in memory of William Pritchard who compiled a vast Digest to a very high standard, and who no doubt earned the gratitude of generations of maritime lawyers.

Two Lectures on the Jurisdiction and Practice of the High Court of Admiralty of England, 1860  html
This work was first published in 1859, in two parts in The Jurist, New Series, vol 15. In 1860, it was published in its own right with the above title. It is a very useful account of the jurisdiction and practice of the High Court of Admiralty as of 1859. It remains useful for those who consult reports of Admiralty Court cases from the commencement of Christopher Robinson’s Reports (1798) to 1861, giving guidance as to the context in which the cases were decided. There were further major changes to Admiralty Court jurisdiction and practice made by the Admiralty Court Act 1861. Many footnotes have been added by Maritime Law Digital in order to enhance the value of the original. These are in green font and are clearly distinguishable from the original.

Paper on Prize Law – Advice to US Ambassador to UK, 1794  html
This is a full text version of a letter from Sir William Scott (later Lord Stowell) and a paper on Prize law prepared by him and Dr Nicholl. Prize law is now obsolete, and it is difficult to envisage any circumstances in which it might again come into operation. However, those who take an interest the history of maritime law and read the magnificent judgments of Sir William Scott (Lord Stowell) in prize cases during his tenure as the judge of the High Court of Admiralty (1798-1827), will find this paper a useful introduction to the prize law of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Welwod, An Abridgement of All Sea-Lawes, 1613  pdf
A full text pdf version of this very early book on maritime law. Additions have been made to footnotes to explain many obscure references and abbreviations. Revised version 1.01 with minor corrections and additions 30th July 2011. This digital version of the book is the best in the world. It is FREE, and the additional notes explain many obscure points in the original. Other versions - digital image of varying quality - or uncorrected OCR text - are not as good, and some will cost money. The hard copy will cost money. Remember - the ranking on search engines has nothing to do with quality.

Article on Maritime Liens from the Law Magazine 1852  pdf
A full text pdf version of this early article on maritime liens written by Henry Charles Coote.

Abbott, Merchant Ships and Seamen, 1st ed 1802  pdf
Commonly referred to as Abbott on Shipping, or Lord Tenterden on Shipping (the author was later in his life granted that title). This is a full text digital version of the first edition of this famous maritime law book, to make it more widely and more conveniently available. For those who are interested in the history of maritime law it provides a good view of English maritime law in 1802 before the great development of maritime law by the English courts in the rest of the 19th century (and thereafter). Citations of cases and statutes are modernised. This is is best digital version of this book. There is none better. Other versions consisting of images of the pages or unedited OCR text may be available, and may even appear higher ranked on search engines. But as we all know the ranking on search engines is manipulated and is no measure of quality. This is the BEST version and is FREE. A corrected versionis available March 27 2015 - hyperlinks in contents page now work!

Browne, A Compendious View of the Civil Law and of the law of Admiralty, 2nd ed 1802, vol 2.  pdf
A digital and skilfully edited version of Browne (Arthur), A Compendious View of the Civil Law and of the Law of the Admiralty, 2nd ed 1802, volume 2, is now available. Volume 2, after a short chapter on international law, deals with admiralty law and practice. (Volume 1 deals with Roman law). This is most certainly the best full text digital version of volume 2 of this book in the world! A quick look at the file will verify that. If you disagree please email the site and say why. And it is free! How lucky you are!

Tribute to Sir Christopher Robinson  pdf
A full text pdf version of a tribute to the judge of the High Court of Admiralty of England, 1827-1833. It contains useful information about the reports which he published of cases in that Court in six volumes covering the period 1798-1808, and containing many of Lord Stowell's judgments.

Hay & Marriott's Reports - Preface pdf
A full text pdf version of the preface to Hay & Marriott's Reports of Cases decided in the High Court of Admiralty of England, 1776-1779. The reports were reprinted in the English Reports, vol 165, but without the preface.